Hi, I'm Kris Philly

A Social Media Manager and Graphic Artist based in DFW

Who Am I?

I'm Kris! A mom, wife, activist, and creative. I have a deep love for social media. Honestly! I started out making my own Myspace backgrounds and graphics, graduated to Facebook the moment I received my college email, and now I create content to help brands develop while growing their followers.

I believe strongly that Black Lives Matter, inclusivity and representation are essential, Love is Love, Trans Women are real women, and everyone deserves to be loud and proud of who they are. And I prefer to work with brands who also align with these values.

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Creating Content that Connects!

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I research and use trending audios and concepts to boost your brands exposure.



I schedule and post your content consistently to keep your audience engaged.



Send me your product and let me make the content for you!

Who I Can Help

As a Social Media Manager I help represent your brand online. By creating content and interacting with your audience, I help increase engagement while bringing awareness to your brand's capabilities. I experiment with different content types, test out new ideas, and grow your brand’s presence across all social media platforms.

As a graphic artist I create logos, templates, and other visual concepts for brands' content to stay within a preferred aesthetic.

Businesses and Individuals looking to:

  • Grow followers
  • Boost follower engagement
  • Create Consistent Content
  • Create Brand Campaigns and Launches
  • Create Paid Ads on Social Media
  • Create Social Media Aesthetic that fits your brand.
  • Update Website and Caption Copywriting.

Social Media Manager Packages

Let's create a plan that works for your brand and budget!

Schedule & Engage

I schedule & post content (created by you) during peak engagement times for your audience. As well as, basic engagement and guidance with commenters and inbox management.

Joint Creation

All of the above package + we create content together. You shoot the shots and take the videos and I will turn them into Reels, posts, stories, ads., etc.

Whole SHEbang!

Both above packages + I shoot the shots and turn them into Reels, posts, stories, ads., etc.

Logo design and brand templates

also available!

Grow with me.

Let's improve your social media presence together.

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